Mycorrhizae applications

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Successful Mycorrhizae inoculation only occurs when Mycorrhizae germinates in the presence of root exudates – a fluid rich in protein, which flows from the root of the plant.

Therefore, when applying Mycorrhizae to your crops, the primary goal is to create physical contact between the Mycorrhizal microbes and the root of the plant. For this reason, Biocult’s Mycorrhizae is available is various forms, including granular, liquid and powder, to ensure that it is able to come into contact with the roots regardless of the stage of farming or the type of crops that are being sewn.

The type of Mycorrhizae you use will depend on the type of crop, stage of farming and the specific conditions experienced in your region.


Applying Mycorrhizae to your crops

Mycorrhizae can be applied directly to the roots of plants during transplanting, or it can be worked into the soil of existing crops. It can also be sprayed onto crops using an irrigation system, or worked into seed beds and fields.

No special knowledge or equipment is required to apply Mycorrhizae to your crops, and application is simple and cost-effective. View our complete product range now to explore the types of Mycorrhizae available from Biocult.

Types of crops and plants requiring Mycorrhizae

Because it’s an organic product that occurs naturally in undisturbed soil, Mycorrhizae can be used on all types of crops and plants. In fact, it is recommended that it be added to any areas that have been used for farming and agriculture, as these types of activities disturb the natural balances of the soil, and may decrease or eliminate the Mycorrhizae present in it.

Biocult’s Mycorrhizae is safe for use in all types of farming. In South Africa and Africa as a whole, it is primarily used in the farming of wheat, maize, animal feed, fruit, vegetables, legumes, tropical produce, vines and sugar.


Selecting the right Mycorrhizal product

Biocult’s technical team can help you to choose the ideal Mycorrhizal product